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Adding Notes

Once you have created a Task, you can add Notes to the Task.

Opening a Task

To open up the Task from the Task Board, click on the Task itself - indicated in the screenshot below.

This will then open up the Task and you can start writing Notes.

First Note

If you have not yet created any Notes for this Task, the Note input will already be open and focussed and you can simply start typing. Once you start typing, autosave will be enabled for that Note.

Additional Notes

If you need to add additional Notes to a Task, we do not recommend editing a previous Note. Instead, you can simply click the Add Note button and this will open up the Note input so you can create additional Notes for the Task.

Uploading Documents

Uploading documents to a Note

You can upload documents directly to a Note once it has been saved - the Upload Documents button at the bottom of the Note input will be enabled. Simply click this button and upload your files.

Uploading documents to a Task

You can also upload documents to the Task - you can do this by clicking into the Documents tab, clicking Upload Documents and upload your files.

Not sure where to upload your document?

It doesn't really matter if you upload a document to the Note or to the Task - in both cases, the Document will appear on the Participant's Documents page where you can easily view it.