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Voided Charges Report

You can find the Voided Charges report by navigating to the Reports page in Astalty and clicking Billable Charges.

Report Overview

This report will show all charges that have been voided in Astalty. Learn more about how to void a charge here.

Report Columns

Invoice Date

The date of the invoice this charge was originally invoice within.


The reference of the original invoice.


How this charge is managed (Self, Plan or NDIA).


The Participant this Charge relates to.


The total cost of the Charge.

Voided Reason

When voiding an invoice or a charge, the user has the opportunity to enter a reason for voiding the charge however this is optional so this may be blank.

Voided By

The user who voided the charge.

Available Filters

To apply filters, click on the filter icon and select the filter you'd like to use.


You can use the date filter to find charges invoiced on, after, before or between 2 dates.


You can use the status filter to find unresolved voided charges - an unresolved voided charge is a charge that has been voided but has not yet been invoiced or deleted.