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Archiving Charge Items

Charge Items can not be deleting however sometimes you create a Charge Item incorrectly or no longer wish to use a Charge Item, in this case you can Archive the Charge Item.


Danger Zone - this may affect all Participants

If you are archiving a Charge Item, it will be detached from all Services using that Charge Item. This can not be undone and this can cause a lot of work to re-attach the Charge Item if required.

Please be sure you want to archive a Charge Item before doing so.

Archiving a Charge Item

To archive Charge Items, you will need to head to the Charge Item settings page in Astalty.

Click on the Charge Item you want to archive and click Archive in the bottom left corner of the form.

This will not affect any charges using this Charge Item that have not yet been invoiced.