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Reconciling NDIA Payments

Once the NDIA has processed your bulk upload payment request, you can download the receipt file generally within an hour (sometimes immediately). To learn how to find this file click here.

Creating the Payment

Once you have found and download the receipt file from the portal, click into the relevant Invoice Batch on the Invoice Batches page and click on Add NDIA Payment

Upload the Receipt File

Once the payment has been created, drag and drop or upload the receipt file from your computer into the receipt file section within the payment.

Apply the receipt file

Once this file has been uploaded, you need to click Apply Results File so that Astalty can match the payments to the submitted payment requests.

Payment Errors

It is common for NDIA managed payments to be rejected for payment for several reasons. If this happens, Astalty will show an error icon on the relevant charge. You can then fix the error and generate a new bulk upload file from the Invoice Batch.