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NDIA Errors Report

You can find the NDIA Errors report by navigating to the Reports page in Astalty and clicking NDIA Errors.

Report Overview

This report will show you all NDIA managed charges that were submitted for payment in an Invoice Batch however came back with an ERROR in the bulk upload receipt file.

Once charges are paid, they will not appear in this report

Astalty has a workflow that allows charges to be re-submitted even after they have been rejected for payment. Once a charge has been fully paid (from subsequent payment attempts), it will not longer show on this report.

Viewing Charge Details

Within the report each row will have 3 dots to the right hand side - within this dropdown menu contains easy navigation options to assist you in making the necessary changes based on the error for the charge.

Report Columns


The date of the Task this charge is attached to.


The Participant the charge relates to.

Team member

The owner of the Task this charge originated from.


The errors that were contained within the CSV receipt file imported into Astalty from the portal.

Charge Item

The charge item that was used for this charge.


The quantity of the charge.

Total Cost

The total cost of the charge.