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Utilisation Variance Notifications

Utilisation Variance

Stay on top of your service budget variance with utilisation variance notifications. This outlines the steps to create notifications that alert you when the actual budget utilisation deviates from the planned usage by a specific percentage.

To manage Utilisation Variance Notifications, head to the Notifications page in the main menu and click "Utilisation Notifications".

Introduction to Utilisation Variance Notifications

Utilisation Variance Notifications are designed to inform you of any significant difference between the budget amount used and the planned expenditure over time.

Creating a Utilisation Variance Notification

Once you're on the Utilisation Variance Notifications page click Create Notification

Notification Details

When would you like to send the notification?

  • Decide when you want the notification to be sent. It will be triggered when the difference between the budget used and the plan elapsed percentage exceeds the specified threshold.

    • Input your desired percentage (e.g., 10%, 20%, 30%) in the Used Percentage box.

  • Specify the type of variance you are monitoring: overspending, underspending, or both.

    • Select Any to monitor both overspending and underspending by a certain percentage.

Which Services do you want this notification to apply to?

Choose the Categories of services for which you want to receive notifications.

  • You can select multiple categories as needed, such as Support Coordination and Daily Activities.

Notification Recipients

Primary Coordinator

Tick this option if you would like to notify the Participant's Primary Coordinator.

Service Coordinator

Tick this option if you would like to notify every Service Coordinator for the Participant.

This is useful when multiple supports are provided - for example this could be Psychosocial Recovery Coach or Level Three Support Coordinator.

User Groups

This enables you to select which User Groups you wish to be notified.


This enables you to notify a user directly.

Notification Methods

Within Astalty

If this option is selected, the user will be notified within Astalty.


If this option is selected, the user will be notified via email.

Pro Tip: Real-Time Alerts

Notifications are delivered in real-time, so you'll be promptly alerted as soon as your service budget utilisation exceeds the thresholds you've set. By monitoring both overspending and underspending, these notifications ensure that you can react quickly to any significant variances in your budget.

Video Guide

For more information on notifications, please watch the following video on Notifications