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Participant Records Report

This is a Astalty Premium feature.

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You can find the Records report by navigating to the Reports page in Astalty and clicking Records.

Report Overview

This report will show you an overview of Participant records including current, missing and expired records.

If you don't have access to view all Participants, you will only see your assigned Participants in this report.

Report Columns


This is the name of the Participant for this Service.


The Primary Coordinator for the Participant

Issue Date

The issue date of the record.

Expiry Date

The expiry date of the record.

Available Filters

To apply filters, click on the filter icon and select the filter you'd like to use.


You can search records for a Participant by searching the Participant's name in the search field.

Record Type

Use this filter if you want to only view records for certain record types.


You can filter the report by record status - for example if you need to find all records that are missing.


You can use the expiry filter to find records that will expire this month or next month

Primary Coordinator

You can use this filter if you want to see records for a particular Coordinator's case load.

View records for

If you have permission to access all Participants, you will be able to toggle between viewing alerts for all Participants or just your own Participants.