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Creating Participants

To create a Participant, navigate to the Participants page and click Add Participant.

Required Fields

In order to create a Participant you must provider their;

  • first name

  • last name

You are free to add another details in the Add Participant form when creating the Participant.

Primary Coordinator

If you have the required permission you will see the Primary Coordinator select field when creating a Participant - the Primary Coordinator should be the Support Coordinator or the team member who will be working with this Participant the most.

Contact Information

The Contact Information section should be the contact detail of the Participant themselves - if the Primary Contact is not the Participant (ie. a parent), you should leave these fields blank and add a Contact within the Participant's profile once created.

Duplicate NDIS Numbers

If you try to create a Participant and see an error stating that the NDIS number is already taken, this means you have a Participant already using that NDIS number.

This unique requirement ensures you don't have duplicate Participants in Astalty.

Finding where the NDIS number is used

To find where the NDIS number has already been used, you can search the Participants table.

If the Participant is not showing, they may have been archived. To learn how to find archived Participants click here.