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A Participant's profile is broken down into a few sections.


At the top of the Participants profile will be any associated Tags for the Participant. You are free to add, remove and customise these Tags to your liking. Click here for a deep dive into Tags.


Any current alerts for the Participant will be shown underneath the Participant's Tags. These alerts can not be edited once created but can be deleted by clicking the X button. To learn more about Alerts click here.

Key Information

The Key Details card is show in the top left of the Participant's profile. This includes things like their Primary Coordinator, their current plan dates and latest check-in information.

Participant Details

The Participant Details card shows all of the primary details for a Participant such as their name, Primary Diagnosis and other Contact details. You can edit any of these details by clicking the Edit button.

Starred Contacts

The Starred Contacts table will show any Contacts that you have starred within tine Participant's Contacts page. To learn more about managing Contacts for a Participant, click here.


You can add or edit the Participant's address within the address card. Simply click the Add Address button where you can search for their address or add their address manually.

Information Items

The Information Items section will show all missing and current Information Items for the Participant. You can learn more about managing Information Items for a Participant here.