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Team Billable Hours Report

You can find the Team Billable Hours report by navigating to the Reports page in Astalty and clicking Team Billable Hours.

Report Overview

This report will give you a breakdown of your team's billable and unbillable time within the selected date range - the date range will default to the current week.

Report Sections

Billable Hours Team Summary

This section will show you a summary across the whole team for the whole date ranged selected.

Billable Hours per Team Member

This section of the report breaks down billable and unbillable time on every day within the selected date range for each of your team members.

Report Columns


This is the name of the Participant for this Service.


The Primary Coordinator for the Participant


The hours on the date that are not billable.


The hours on the date that are billable.


The billable hours target for that day.

Daily target calculatiosn

Astalty calculates your daily billable target based on your billable hours target set up on your profile. Astalty will assume a 5 day working week.

For example if you have a billable target for 30 hours, this will be shown as 6 hours per day.


The difference between your billable hours for the day and the daily target.

Total Hours

The total number of hours - both billable and unbillable for the date.

Available Filters

Date Range

You can use the Date Range picker to select the dates you'd like to view data for.