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Utilisation Report

You can find the Utilisation report by navigating to the Reports page in Astalty and clicking Utilisation.

Report Overview

This report will show all Services for your Participants and utilisation data for those Services.

If you don't have access to view all Participants, you will only see your assigned Participants in this report.

Report Columns


This is the name of the Participant for this Service.

Service Name

The name of the Service.

Remaining $

The amount remaining in the Service in dollars.


The amount of funding remaining in the Service as a percentage.


The number of units remaining in the Service. This is calculated using the Calculate Remaining Units Using field when the Service is set up. The most common value to see here is hours but you mean see units which would be used for things like kilometres.

Utilisation Variance

The Utilisation Variance % is the difference between how much of the funding has been used and how much of the plan has elapsed.

For example if the plan is 2 years and 1 year has elapsed, the plan is 50% elapsed. If 80% of the funding has been used, then the variance would be 30%.


The status indicates of the Participant's funding for that service is being overspent or underspent.

If the remaining funds % is less than the plan time % remaining, the Participant is overspending - this means they will run out of funds before the plan ends.

Detailed View

To view a graph showing utilisation and plan elapsed time click on the down arrow on the left hand side.