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Outstanding Tasks

Outstanding Tasks are those that are in progress or require further action before they can be marked as complete. They are;

  1. in the past (before today's date)

  2. not yet marked as complete

The tasks in the image above are currently "Outstanding" as they have not been marked as complete in the final column.

Regularly review your outstanding Tasks

It's important to review the Outstanding Tasks page every day - at the end of the day or start of tomorrow, the number of Outstanding Tasks should be 0.

Understanding Outstanding Tasks

Tasks remain outstanding until they are marked as complete. This can be due to various reasons:

  • The task is still in progress.

  • Additional steps or actions are needed to complete the task.

  • Finalisation of case notes, billing details, or document uploads is pending.

Locating Outstanding Tasks

You can find all of your outstanding tasks on the left-hand menu (within the task board) or by clicking here.

Viewing Task Details

Click on the Outstanding Tasks to view a detailed list of all tasks that are yet to be completed. This list includes important information such as:

  • The date each task was started.

  • The Participant associated with each task.

  • Other relevant task details.

Completing a Task

When you have finished a task, mark it as complete by marking the check box. This action will remove the task from the "Outstanding Task Board" section as it is now complete.

Task Completion Confirmation

Ensure that all necessary steps associated with the task are completed before marking it as complete.