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Charge Items & Services

What is a Service?

A Service is attached to a Participant's Plan. A service represents a service you will be offering to your Participant - for example a common Service in Astalty is Level 2 Support Coordination.

You may offer several services to the same Participant - perhaps you are provider both Level 2 and Level 3 Support Coordination.

Services must have at least 1 Charge Item attached to it. You will not be able to add charges to Tasks until you have created Services for your Participants.

What is a Charge Item?

A Charge Item in Astalty represents items you charge for - they behave much like line items for the Price Guide and most of the time, Charge Items will be created by importing from the Price Guide.

How is a Charge Item different to a line item

The Price Guide contains line items which have certain information attached to them. The most important piece of information is the line item number - for example 07_002_0106_8_3.

Astalty's Charge Items also have a line item number, price and other pieces of information just like NDIS line items.

The main difference is that in Astalty you can have several Charge Items that use the same NDIS line item number - this allows you to create customised Charge Items to suit your needs. For example, you may want to change the default Claim Type or charge at a different rate.

How are Services and Charge Items relate to Tasks

When you create a Task for a Participant, you can assign Charge Items to that Task - this allows you to charge for your time. For example you may want to bill for 2 hours of Level 2 Support Coordination for a Participant.

In order for Astalty to know where to send invoices, we need to know how that charge should be invoiced in the first place - this comes from the Management Type field of the Services you create.

Without creating Services, Astalty would not know how to prepare invoices for the Charge Items you have used.