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Services FAQs

What is a Service?

A Service is a service that you are delivering to your clients. For example;

  • Level 2 Coordination

  • Level 3 Coordination

  • Occupational Therapy

Each service can be tracked independently and you are free to create as many as you like.

Why do I have to assign Charge Items to Services?

In order to track Service Utilisation accurately, Astalty needs to know which Service to deduct Charges from. You can use the check at the top left of the Charge Items table to quickly select all Charge Items for a Service.

What is a Service Coordinator?

A Service Coordinator is an optional field where you can specify which Team Member is in charge of coordinating an internal service delivery - the term 'coordinator' in this field is not the same as 'Support Coordinator'.

What can a Service Coordinator do?

A Service Coordinator can do everything the Primary Coordinator can do including view reports and updating Participant information.

I need to charge for items to Non NDIS clients or Non NDIS Charge Items

You can create a new Service but you must specify the Management Type as 'self managed' and the Support Category should be '100 - Non NDIS'.

My Charge Items are not listed for selection

If your Charge Items are not listed to be assigned to a Service, it can be 1 of 2 things;

  1. the Charge Items do not belong to the Support Category you've selected. For example, if you select '07 - Support Coordination' then only Charge Items with the number starting with 07 will be available

  2. the Charge Items have already bee assigned to another Service. Charge Items can only belong to one Service at a time - if the Charge Items are not showing, you should check other Services for that Participant and ensure you those Charge Items aren't already in use.

What does 'Calculate Remaining Units Using' mean?

Viewing Utilisation figures in hours is often easier to understand than seeing it in dollars. Using this field, you can specify the line item you want to use to calculate the remaining units. We use the term 'units' because this also allows you to calculate remaining units (for kilometres), hours (for most Charge Items) or any other unit in the NDIS price guide (units, hours, days etc).

In most cases, this will be your 'Level 2 Coordination' or 'Level 3 Coordination' Charge Item. If you don't charge as per the NDIS Price Guide, this gives you the flexibility to calculate the remaining items in line with the rate your charge.