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Charges & Finance

Tasks can have many charges but you may have already assigned a Primary Charge on the Task Board when you created the Task.

What is the Primary Charge?

The Primary Charge represents the Charge Item that makes up most of the work done for a Task. This is often something like Level 2 or Level 3 Support Coordination.

It must be hourly

The time input on the Task Board and on the right hand side when viewing a Task is always in minutes - therefore, the Primary Charge must always be an hourly Charge Item.

Charging for kilometres

If you need to charge for something that is not billed by the hour - for example, kilometres, you can do this within the Finance Tab.

Finance Tab

Once you've opened a Task, you can navigate to the Finance tab. This is where you will see all charges for a Task, including the Primary Charge

Quantity vs time

The duration input on the Task Board and on the right hand side when viewing a Task is always in minutes however in the Finance Tab, the quantity is entered as a decimal. So 90 minutes would be shown as 1.5.

You will notice that if you update the duration for a Task the quantity for the Primary Charge will automatically update and vice versa.

Additional Charges

It's common to have to charge for more than 1 thing as part of a Task - you might need to charge for travel time, kilometres or something else.

To add additional charges, navigate to the Finance tab within a Task and click Add Charge.

You will then be prompted to select the Charge Item you need and adjust the quantity.

Changing the Claim Tyoe

You can change the claim type for a charge to something other than the default. For example you may need to change the Claim Type to Provider Travel or Non-Face-to-Face-Services.

To do this, simply click on the Claim Type value for any charge in the table in the Finance tab and select from the dropdown options.