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Birthday Notifications

To manage Birthday Notifications, head to the Notifications page in the main menu and click "Birthday Notifications".

Creating a Birthday Notification

Creating a notification for Participant birthdays is a simple process.

  1. Click Create Notification

  2. Set the Period and Period Unit

    • Choose when you would like to be notified about a Participant's birthday. Options include on the day, days before, or weeks before the actual birthday.

Notification Email Content

This is where you can add additional information based on the notification. For example, you could add the details of what your organisation normally does for Participant birthdays.

Notification Recipients

Primary Coordinator

Tick this option if you would like to notify the Participant's Primary Coordinator.

User Groups

This enables you to select which User Groups you wish to be notified.


This enables you to notify a user directly.

Notification Methods

Within Astalty

If this option is selected, the user will be notified within Astalty.


If this option is selected, the user will be notified via email.

Finalising Your Notification

After entering all the relevant information, click Add Notification to save it.

By following these steps, you will be able to create and manage birthday notifications, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to celebrate your Participants' special days.

Multiple Notifications

You can add multiple different notification features based on user preferences.

For example you may want to send a notification 1 week before a Participant's birthday, and another 1 day before their birthday.

Leap Years

Notifications for those Participants born on the 29th of February will be sent out on the 28th of February.