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Account setup

Before you add Participants or create any Tasks, you should configure some basic settings first.

All of your settings can be managed in the Settings page. This page outlines the most important settings to configure first.

Business Settings

On the Business settings page, you should;

  1. Upload your business logo

  2. Edit your business details

Primary Region

It's important to set your Primary Region as you will not be able to import from the Price Guide until this is set.

Charge Items

On the Charge Items settings page you can create your Charge Items. You should only create the ones you need - you can always create more in the future.

For detailed information about creating Charge Items, click here.

Invoice Settings

Before you send any invoices, on the Invoice settings page you need to ensure you've;

  1. Adding your bank account information so Plan Managers and Participants know how to pay you

  2. Added your ABN and selected your GST registration status - this is important for generating compliant invoices

You can also update other invoice settings such as the payment terms and email message - you can learn more about this here.

Xero Integration

Whilst it's not a requirement to use Xero, if you would like to utilise our 2-way integration with Xero, you should set that up now and that can be done in the Integrations settings page.

Next Steps

Once you've completed the initial setup, you should get ready to start creating Tasks.