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Payment Allocations Export

Finding the Payment Allocations Export

To generate an export of payment allocations head to the Exports page in Astalty. Then click Create Export and select Payment Allocations or click here.

Configuring the Export


The start of the date range you'd like to export payments for.


The end of the date range you'd like to export payments for.

Creating the Export

After setting the date range, click on “Create Export”.

Downloading the Export

When the export is ready, you will receive a notification via email. You can then download the export by heading to the Exports page and clicking Download on the relevant export.

Exported Fields

  • The CSV file will include several important headings:

    • Payment ID: The unique identifier for each payment.

    • Date: The date of the payment.

    • Payment Reference: The reference number for the payment.

    • Payment Type: The method or type of payment.

    • Payment Amount: The total amount of the payment.

    • Allocated Amount: The amount allocated from the payment.

    • Invoice: The associated invoice number.

    • Invoice Date: The date when the invoice was issued.

    • Amount: The amount specified in the invoice.