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Invoices Settings

Bank Account

In this section, add your organisation's bank details. These details will be shown on each invoice and will be used for self and plan-managed participants to make payments for services delivered.


If, for any reason, your bank details change within the software, the account owner will receive a notification.

Tax Details

In this section, you can edit the following;


Your Australian Business Number is used for tax purposes.

GST Registration

Indicates whether you are registered for the Goods and Services Tax.

Invoice Settings

Accounts Email

This email address will be listed at the top of the PDF invoices generated by Astalty.

Payment Terms

This section allows you to set the default payment terms for your invoices. Astalty will showcase this at the bottom of your invoices and use it to calculate the due date. For instance, a 14-day payment term is set to ensure timely payments.

Invoice Email Message

Customize the message that accompanies your invoice emails. This is a great opportunity to communicate any pertinent details or personal touches with your invoice.


The notes section is critical for communicating important information. For example, a note here mentions, "Please note our bank details have recently changed." This will be displayed at the bottom of every invoice, ensuring your clients are always informed.

Additional Invoice Emails

Should you require a copy of all invoices to be sent to other team members, such as your accounts team, you can add those emails in this section. For example, can be set to receive a copy of all outgoing invoices.