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Understanding Tasks

What is a Task?‚Äč

In previous systems, you may be familiar with the concept of case notes being the "thing" you bill for. In Astalty, a Task is the billable item, and you can add your case notes to a Task.

The beauty of Tasks is that you can easily add billable time and Participants before you get to write notes, so in the event of a busy day, you can still add your billable hours and come back to writing your notes when you get time.

Tasks are are the core of Astalty and allow you to charge for your time. This is where you write your notes, add additional charges called task charges and have the ability to upload documents.

How Tasks and Notes are different

The best way to describe the difference between Tasks and Notes is to consider this;

  • a Task is a thing that you are doing

  • Notes describe and provide context to the thing you are doing

An example of a Task might be;

  • Follow up with SIL provider for John

  • Return missed phone call from Sally

  • Discuss options for community access providers with Jane

It's important to remember than Tasks can have several Notes - you are not limited to a single Note per Task.

Billable vs unbillable Tasks

Astalty gives you the option to mark a Task as billable (default) or unbillable. If a Task is not marked as billable, any associated time and charges will not be invoiced and the time will not count towards your billable hours, however you can still record everything else as you usually would.

Tasks aren't just for Coordinators

Anyone on the team can utilise the power of Astalty's Tasks. You can use our Task Board like a to-do list which ensures you keep track of outstanding items as well as tracking your time throughout the day.