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Participant Alerts Report

You can find the Alerts report by navigating to the Reports page in Astalty and clicking Alerts.

Report Overview

This report will show all current alerts across your Participants.

If you don't have access to view all Participants, you will only see your assigned Participants in this report.

Report Columns


This is the name of the Participant for this Service.


The date that the alert was created.

Alert Type

The type of alert.


The details column will contain the content of the alert.

Created By

The created by column will show you who created the alert.

Available Filters

To apply filters, click on the filter icon and select the filter you'd like to use.


You can search alerts by using the search field - the alert title and content will be searched for your keywords.


If you would like to find alerts for a single Participant, you can use the Participant Filter.

View alerts for

If you have permission to access all Participants, you will be able to toggle between viewing alerts for all Participants or just your own Participants.