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Utilisation Notifications

Maximise the effectiveness of service delivery with timely utilisation notifications. This guide provides instructions for setting up notifications that help you monitor the service budget utilisation of your Participants.

To manage Utilisation Notifications, head to the Notifications page in the main menu and click "Utilisation Notifications".


With Utilisation Notifications, you can be alerted when a Participant has used a percentage of their allocated service budget, ensuring you always stay informed about their service usage.

Creating Utilisation Notifications

Once you're on the Utilisation Notifications page click Create Notification

Notification Details

When would you like to send the notification?

  1. Define the Percentage Used that will trigger the notification.

    • For instance, input 50% to receive an alert when half of the funding is utilised.

Which Services do you want this notification to apply to?

  1. Determine the categories of services to which this notification should apply.

    • You can select more than one category if necessary, for example, 'Support Coordination' or 'Daily Activities'.

Notification Recipients

Primary Coordinator

Tick this option if you would like to notify the Participant's Primary Coordinator.

Service Coordinator

Tick this option if you would like to notify every Service Coordinator for the Participant.

This is useful when multiple supports are provided - for example this could be Psychosocial Recovery Coach or Level Three Support Coordinator.

User Groups

This enables you to select which User Groups you wish to be notified.


This enables you to notify a user directly.

Notification Methods

Within Astalty

If this option is selected, the user will be notified within Astalty.


If this option is selected, the user will be notified via email.

Finalising Your Notification

After entering all the relevant information, click Add Notification to save it.

Multiple Notifications

You can add multiple different notification based on user preferences.

Tips and Best Practices

Set up multiple thresholds such as 50%, 75%, and 95% to monitor different levels of fund utilisation.

  • Regularly review your notification settings to ensure they align with current service delivery and budget allocations.

This proactive approach to budget management ensures you're always aware of your Participants' service utilisation levels.

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