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Charge Items

Charge Intervals

Personalised Interval Settings: Easily adjust the charge intervals to match the specific billing cycles your business uses. This customization feature ensures that all users within your organization have access to these predefined intervals on their Task Board, facilitating a consistent and efficient billing process.

Predefined Presets for Quick Selection: To speed up the setup, our system includes convenient presets such as 6-minute and 15-minute intervals. These options cater to common billing increments, allowing for quick implementation.

Adding Custom Intervals: Beyond the presets, you have the freedom to define your own intervals. For instance, if your business frequently conducts standard meetings that last 240 minutes, you can create a corresponding interval. This custom interval can then be selected with a single click, streamlining time entry for such meetings.

Flexibility with Charge Item Durations and Quantities

Manual Input for Precise Control: When it comes to adding time to a task or charge item, our system provides the utmost flexibility. You're not limited to preset intervals; simply type in any duration or quantity directly.

This feature ensures that you can bill accurately for the exact time spent or resources used, regardless of whether they conform to standard intervals.