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Requesting Signatures

If you have access to the eSignature functionality, you can click on the eSignature menu item in Astalty or click here.

Create a Signature Request

On the eSignatures page, click on Request Signature.

You will then be shown the Signature Request form.

The numbers on the screenshot above match the steps outlined below.

1. Select Signature Request Recipient

The Signature Request recipient can be either;

  1. A Participant - you will be given the option to select a Participant in Astalty

  2. A Team Member - you will be given the option to select a user in Astalty

  3. Someone else - you can provide the name and email address manually which allows you to send anything to anyone.

2. Upload a document

You can upload a single document to any Signature Request - the support formats are PDF and Word Documents (docx).

If you have selected a Participant as the recipient, you can also select from any existing document already uploaded to their profile.

3. Signers

In the signers section, you can define the name and email addresses of everyone who needs to sign the document. Please note, email addresses must be unique within each signature request.

Suggested Signers

If you have selected a Participant, when you click in the Name field for a signer, you will be shown a list of suggested signers. This will consist of;

  • yourself as the logged in user

  • the Participant themselves

  • all Contacts for that Participant

When you click on a suggested signer, the name and email will be filled for you.

4. Details

The final step is to define the Title and Message for the Signature Request. The Title and Message will be shown in the email that is sent to the signers.

Once you have completed the form, you can click "Generate Request"

Finalise a Signature Request

Once you have clicked "Generate Request", you will be taken straight to the finalise step - this is where you define where the signature fields need to go. You can also make use of any other fields shown on this screen if you wish.

1. Multiple Signers

If you have multiple signers signing the document, you will need to drag fields for each signer. You can switch the signers by using the dropdown marked with (1) in the screenshot.

2. Drag fields

The supported fields (2) can be dragged from the sidebar onto the document where you want them to be shown. You must define a signature field for each signer.

What happens once signed?

The steps below outline the complete flow for a Signature Request including what happens after the document is signed.

  1. Signature Request is finalised in Astalty.

  2. All signers will receive an email containing a link which will take them to the signing page.

  3. Once all signers have signed the document, each signer will receive a copy of the signed document via email.

  4. The user who requested the signature will also receive an email to notify them that the Signature Request has been completed.

  5. The signed document will be automatically uploaded back into Astalty within the Signature Request

    1. If the Signature Request is for a Participant, the signed copies will also automatically be shown in the Participant's Documents page.

    2. If the Signature Request was created from a Participant Record, the signature status for the Participant Record will be updated automatically.

Sending Participant Records Video Walkthrough

Here is a video that explains the process of how to send a document through the eSignature functionality.