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Generating Bulk Upload file

Astalty can automatically generate the bulk upload file to be uploaded into the portal for payment for NDIA managed charges.

View the finalised Invoice Batch

To generate the bulk upload file for a batch, the first step is to click into the Finalised batch from the Invoice Batches page.

Download the Bulk Upload file

Once you are in the finalised batch, if the batch has NDIA managed charges you will see the Generate Bulk Upload file button. Click on this button and Astalty will download the CSV file for you to import into the portal.

Do not open the file

Do not open the file once it has been downloaded. You do not need to open the file to save it - your computer will automatically save it to your Downloads folder.

Astalty generates the file with the correct date format however when you open the file in Excel, the dates will automatically be formatted into a format that the portal will not accept.

Reconciling NDIA payments

Once the bulk upload process has been completed, you can import the results file into Astalty and Astalty will reconcile each NDIA managed charge for you. To learn more about this process click here.