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Tasks Export

Use the Tasks export to export all Tasks for a Participant or Team Member within a date range.

Finding the Tasks export

To generate an export Invoices head to the Exports page in Astalty. Then click Create Export and select Tasks or click here.

Configure the export


The start of the date range you'd like to export Tasks for.


The end of the date range you'd like to export Tasks for.


The Participant you'd like to export Tasks for

Team Member

The Team Member you'd like to export Tasks for.

Include Unbillable

Tick this option if you'd like Astalty to include unbillable Tasks in the export.

Include Charges

If you select this option, the export will contain all Charges associated with the Tasks.Ω

Finalising the export

After selecting all the relevant information, click on “Create Export”.

Downloading the export

When the export is ready, you will receive a notification via email. You can then download the export by heading to the Exports page and clicking Download on the relevant export.

Export fields

  • The report will contain information such as:

    • Date

    • Team Member

    • Participant Name

    • Task Name

    • Total Cost

    • Billable

This procedure will guide you through exporting and downloading a detailed report of tasks, including cost and billability, for a specific date range, Participant, and team member.