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Plan Managers

To manage Plan Managers, navigate to the Directory page within Astalty or click here. Within the Directory page there is a sub menu - click on Plan Managers.

Creating Plan Managers

On the Plan Managers page within the Directory, click on the Create Plan Manager button.

Plan Manager Details

Within the Plan Manager form, you should enter as much detail as possible however only 2 fields are required;

  1. Name

  2. Invoice email

All fields and their purpose are outlined below;


The official name of the plan manager.


Australian Business Number.


The plan manager's website (if available).

Portal link

The URL of the Plan Manager's login portal for easy access.

Primary Contact Details

Include the first name, last name, contact email, and mobile phone number.

Invoice Details

The email address where Astalty should send invoices for this Plan Manager.

Linking Plan Managers to Participants

You can associate Plan Managers to Participants within the Participant's Financial page. Click here to learn more about how to do this.

Email already exists error

If you try to create a Plan Manager and see the error "Another Plan Manager with this email already exists", you already have a Plan Manager with the same email. If you can't find the Plan Manager with the email you're trying to use, the Plan Manager may be archived. Refer to the section below about how to find archived Plan Managers and restore them.

Restoring Plan Managers

The first step when restoring a Plan Manager is to find them by adding a Status filter to the Plan Managers table as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you have found them, click on the Plan Manager and click the Restore button.